Editorial 27 march 2024:

Editorial 27 march 2024:

Open season:

On Odisha politics:

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), principal rivals in Odisha, nearly formed an alliance, and then pulled back to remain rivals. Even by the current standards of political morality, these moves were astonishing. The State unit of the BJP publicly opposed the move but the party appeared willing to give up 15 years of an anti-BJD campaign that gained it the status of the principal Opposition in Odisha. What could have been the mother of all opportunistic alliances was pursued with the goal of securing all 21 Lok Sabha seats in the State for the BJP, and BJD leader and State Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik continuing into yet another term in office without much of a contest. Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid rich tribute to Mr. Patnaik’s father, Biju Patnaik, on his 108th birth anniversary on March 5 and steered clear of attacking the State government. This was a reversal of the party’s strategy until now. In 2019, the BJD had won 12 Lok Sabha seats and 43% votes while the BJP won eight seats and 39% votes. In the Assembly election that was held simultaneously, the BJP got 33% of the votes. The BJD and the BJP were allies until 2009, with the Congress as their main rival.

Mr. Patnaik is managing age-related constraints and trying to effect a transition to ensure that his political legacy continues. The BJP sees this as its best opportunity yet to win power. Parties that are dependent entirely on a single charismatic leader can face a crisis in their absence. Both parties could have achieved their immediate goals in the event of an alliance though it would have diminished them in the eyes of voters. In the general election in 2019, the Congress got only 13.4% votes in the State, a distant third behind the BJD and BJP. The party won Koraput and was runner-up in the Nabrangpur seat. This time, the party is hoping to cash in on the confusion created by the failed talks between the BJD and BJP. Along with former Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s push for a caste census, it is hoping to draw dividends in a State where 50% of the population is from the backward community. Over the years, the party’s organisation has weakened and the journey from rhetoric to reality could be a tough one. The alliance that did not happen shows that it is open season in Odisha.

Meaning of the words:

Rivalsrefers to individuals, groups, or entities that compete with each other for the same objective, such as a prize, position, or achievement.
Moralityrefers to principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior. It encompasses the values, beliefs, and standards that guide an individual or society
Astonishingis an adjective that describes something that causes great surprise, wonder, or amazement.
Opportunisticis an adjective used to describe someone or something that takes advantage of opportunities as they arise, often with a focus on personal gain or benefit, sometimes at the expense of others or without regard for ethical considerations.
Steeredis the past tense of the verb “steer.” It refers to the action of guiding or directing the movement or course of something, such as a vehicle, a conversation, a project, or a decision.
Constraintsrefer to limitations or restrictions that restrict or confine someone or something. In various contexts, constraints can be physical, such as a lack of resources, space, or time, or they can be more abstract, such as social norms, rules, or regulations.
Charismaticis an adjective used to describe someone who possesses a compelling charm or attractiveness that inspires devotion and enthusiasm in others.

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