12 June 2024 current affairs

12 June 2024 current affairs


National news

Army Launches ‘Vidyut Rakshak’ Integrated Generator System

‘Vidyut Rakshak’ launched on June 5 by Vice Chief Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi. Developed by the Army Design Bureau (ADB).

  • About Vidyut Rakshak
    • An IoT-enabled integrated generator monitoring, protection, and control system.
    • Compatible with all existing Indian Army generators.
    • Provides fault prediction, prevention, and automates operations via a user-friendly interface.
    • Enhances efficiency and reduces manpower requirements.
  • Development and Demonstration
    • Developed by Major Rajprasad R S.
    • Demonstrated during ‘Exercise Bharat Shakti’ and observed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    • An MoU signed at Aero India 2023 between the Indian Army and IIT Delhi’s FITT for production of innovations.

Indian army:

  • Army Chief : Gen Manoj Pande
  • Army’s Vice Chief: Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi.

India Expands Overseas Port Operations: Targeting Mongla Port in Bangladesh

  • In a strategic move to counter China’s growing influence in the region, India sets its sights on managing the Mongla Port in Bangladesh. Following the successes of Chabahar in Iran and Sittwe in Myanmar, 
  • India aims to further strengthen its commercial and security interests by expanding its overseas port operations.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to discuss India’s interest in managing the Mongla Port with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during their upcoming meetings.

Countering China’s Strategic Presence: India’s Interest in Mongla Port

  • India’s interest in operating the Mongla Port alongside its endeavors at Chabahar and Sittwe marks a deliberate effort to counterbalance China’s strategic presence in the region.
  • With China also eyeing the port’s operations, India’s move signifies its proactive stance in securing vital maritime routes.

International news:

Indian Tripartite Delegation at the 112th International Labour Conference:

  • Leadership and Participation by India:
    • Led by Ms. Sumita Dawra, Secretary (Labour & Employment).
    • Participation in the 112th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • About Ms. Sumita Dawra
    • 1991 Batch IAS officer from Andhra Pradesh Cadre.
    • Currently, Special Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
    • In charge of implementing the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan.
  • Highlights of the 112th ILC Session
    • Held from 3–14 June 2024 in Geneva.

Discussion topics:

  • Protection against biological hazards.
  • Fundamental principles and rights at work.
  • Decent work and the care economy.
  • Election of Governing Body members for the 2024-27 term.

International labor organization:

  • Founded in 1919
  • Headquarters: Geneva is a city in Switzerland
  • Head: Gilbert F. Houngbo

Banking news:

Bank of India Acquires 6.125% Stake in CCIL IFSC:

Maharashtra-based Bank of India (BOI) acquired a 6.125% stake in the Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL) Indian Financial System Code (IFSC). The acquisition is in a newly incorporated entity listed in Gujarat International Finance Tech-city (GIFT) Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

  • Investment Value and Significance
    • The strategic investment is valued at Rs 6.125 crore.
    • Reflects BOI’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of the IFSC.
    • Demonstrates the increasing prominence of GIFT City IFSC as a global financial services hub.
  • Announcement and Event
    • Subrat Kumar, Executive Director of International Operations at BOI, announced the acquisition.
    • The announcement was made during an event celebrating the first anniversary of BOI’s IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) in GIFT City.

RBI Forms Committee to Explore Digital Payments Intelligence Platform:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has constituted a committee led by Abhaya Prasad Hota. Hota is the former Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Purpose and Objectives:

  • The committee is tasked with examining various aspects related to establishing a digital public infrastructure for the proposed Digital Payments Intelligence platform by RBI.
  • The platform aims to leverage advanced technologies to mitigate payment fraud risks.

Committee’s Mandate :

  • The committee is expected to submit its recommendations within two months from its formation.
  • The recommendations will address the infrastructure, technologies, and strategies necessary for the effective implementation of the Digital Payments Intelligence platform.

Composition of the Committee:

In addition to the chairman, the committee will include representatives from major financial institutions.

Participating institutions include:

  • State Bank of India (SBI)
    • HDFC Bank
    • ICICI Bank
    • The inclusion of these representatives ensures a broad perspective and comprehensive input from key stakeholders in the banking sector.

By forming this committee, the RBI underscores its commitment to advancing digital payment infrastructure and addressing the growing challenges of payment fraud through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.

Ranks and report news:

Indian Startups Featured in WEF’s Technology Pioneers 2024 List

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Technology Pioneers 2024 list includes 100 leading tech startups from 23 countries. Among these, 10 are Indian startups, with a majority focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Notable Indian Startups
    • Pixxel: A space technology company from India.
    • Sarvam AI: An AI-focused startup.
    • Niramai Health Analytix: An AI-based health analytics company.
    • AmpereHour Energy: Featured in the clean technology sector.
    • International Battery Company: Another clean technology startup from India.
  • Sector Representation
    • The list includes 9 space companies, with Pixxel representing India.
    • 4 neurotechnology startups.
    • 4 startups in the clean technology sector, including AmpereHour Energy and International Battery Company from India.
  • Women Leadership
    • Approximately 33% of the featured companies are led by Women Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), highlighting the significant role of women in technology leadership.

About Technology Pioneers 2024 List

  • The WEF’s Technology Pioneers list annually recognizes early to growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the use of new technologies and innovation poised to have a significant impact on business and society.
  • The inclusion criteria focus on the potential for these companies to shape the future through their innovative solutions and their capacity to address global challenges.

By featuring these Indian startups, the WEF acknowledges India’s growing prominence in technology innovation, particularly in AI, space technology, and clean energy sectors. This recognition also underscores the leadership role of women in these cutting-edge fields.

Appointment news:

InderPal Singh Bindra Appointed as Secretary of the Competition Commission of India (CCI)

Indian Revenue Service officer InderPal Singh Bindra to become Secretary of the CCI. Replacing Anupama Anand, who resigned after eight months.

  • Tenure and Role
    • Bindra’s tenure will last three years from the date of assuming office.
    • CCI’s mandate includes monitoring and curbing unfair business practices and promoting fair competition.

Neerabh Kumar Prasad Appointed as Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh

  • Appointment Details
    • Neerabh Kumar Prasad, a 1987-batch IAS officer of the Andhra Pradesh cadre, appointed as Chief Secretary.
    • Appointment order issued by S. Suresh Kumar, Principal Secretary, Political Wing, GAD.
  • Succession: Replaces K.S. Jawahar Reddy, who retires in June 2024.

Summit news:

India Participates in BRICS Foreign Ministers Meeting in Russia:

  • On 10th June 2024, India participated in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Foreign Ministers meeting hosted by Russia, the current chair of BRICS, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The meeting was chaired by Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister, Russia.
    • The Indian delegation at the BRICS Foreign Ministers meeting was led by Dammu Ravi, Secretary (Economic Relations), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
    • This also mark’s India’s first Foreign policy assignment under the historic 3rd consecutive term of Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi.

Significance: First BRICS Foreign Ministers meeting since the group’s expansion in 2023.

Science and tech news

IIT Madras, NASA researchers study multi-drug resistant pathogens on international space station

  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) researchers are studying multi-drug resistant pathogens on the International Space Station (ISS), which could have key applications on earth as well for the health of astronauts.
  • The researchers conducted a comprehensive study to understand the genomic, functional, and metabolic enhancements observed in multidrug-resistant pathogens with a particular focus on Enterobacter bugandensis, a prevalent nosocomial (hospital acquired infection) pathogen found on surfaces within the ISS.
  • Astronauts operating in altered immune conditions with limited access to traditional medical facilities face unique health challenges during space missions.
  • Understanding the microbial landscape aboard the ISS is paramount for assessing the impact of these microorganisms on astronaut well-being.
  • The current study emphasises the critical need to investigate the pathogenic potential of microorganisms in space environments to safeguard astronaut health and mitigate the risks associated with opportunistic pathogens.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  • Founded: 29/07/1958
  • Headquarters: Washington DC
  • Administrator: Bill Nelson

Peru and Slovakia sign the Artemis Accords for peaceful moon exploration:

  • NASA held a ceremony at its headquarters in Washington, D. to host representatives from both Slovakia and Peru.
  • During the event, both countries signed the agency’s Artemis Accords, a set of principles that aims to lay out a framework for peaceful cooperation in space and on the moon.
  • The addition of these two nations brings the total of signing countries to
  • The Artemis Accords were first launched and signed in October 2020 by 8 nations, including the United States.
  • The Artemis Accords is a series of non-binding bilateral arrangements between the United States government and other world governments that elaborates on the norms expected to be followed in outer space.

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